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Sunstroke Virtual Weigh-Off

The Arizona Giant Pumpkin Growers Association (AZGPG) is sponsoring the Sunstroke Virtual  Weigh-Off during the months between its two Giant Vegetable Championships held in May and October.

Because vegetables are often fickle and show little respect for scheduled weigh off dates, the AZGPG and the Arizona State Fair have set-up this alternative event to record and recognize the weights, and measurements, of vegetables harvested at times other than the scheduled weigh-offs in Arizona.

The Sunstroke Virtual Weigh-Off will allow gardeners the chance to get their giant vegetables weighed, or measured, in accordance with International Giant Vegetable competition rules.

The AZGPG will judge any vegetable presented by an Arizona gardener.  All entries in the virtual competition are considered official Arizona State Fair entries and the results help establish giant vegetable records in Arizona.

A list of recognized World Records (and Arizona Records) for giant vegetables can be found on the AZGPG webpage at Giant Veg World Records.

To enter a giant vegetable in the competition, a gardener needs to contact the AZGPG by email at GrowEmBig@AZGPG.COM to arrange a time and place to weigh the entry.  An AZGPG representative will assist the grower weigh, or measure, their giant vegetable as required.  The results will be recorded as part of the Sunstroke Virtual Weigh-Off and will be sent to the Arizona State Fair's Horticulture Department to be considered for end-of-year awards. 

Virtual Weigh Off Rules

1. Entries will be accepted until 5:00 PM on Friday, October 26, 2018.

2. An Arizona gardener many enter a maximum of three (3) virtual entries -- in each class -- per year. Any other entries must be entered at a regular AZGPG -- or other Great Pumpkin Commonwealth (GPC) sanctioned weigh off.

3. Virtual entries must be weighed on a certified scale, such as a supermarket deli scale. Growers must supply a picture of their entry on the scale, the readout should be visible.

4. Virtual entries must be witnessed by an impartial third party witness -- such as an AZGPG officer or the scale operator.

5. Any giant vegetable challenging the Arizona, United States, or World record must be verified by a GPC representative (either in person or by his/her designate) to be eligible for any potential GPC bonus money.

6. Entries must adhere to the generally accepted international competition rules.

7. Growers must complete the “2018 Official Giant Vegetable Entry Form” with each entry.

8.  The entry form, and pictures, must be submitted to within 24 hours of the specimen being weighed.

     Other Giant Vegetable Eligibility Rules

1. All giant vegetables must be healthy. A healthy vegetable must be free of significant soft spots or leakage.

2. Skin may be cracked but not leaking.

3. Giant Vegetables must be weighed on certified scales, calibrated to two (2) decimal places in pounds or pounds and ounces.

4. Giant vegetable weights must be reported in in pounds and ounces, or pounds to the second (2nd) decimal place. (i.e. 6 pounds 5.53 ounces; or 6.35 pounds.)

5. Stem must be cut within 0.5 inches of the specimen.

6. Green fruit will be allowed for weigh-off purposes.

7. Specimen must be weighed on a certified scale of appropriate sensitivity.

8. No frozen specimens will be allowed.

9. The entirety of the fruit flesh must be connected – pictures or video must show this.

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