Arizona Giant Pumpkin Growers

Sponsors, Friends, and Resources:

The very first Arizona Territorial Fair was held in 1884, and the fair has been located on the current site since 1905—that’s over 130 years of fun, without showing any signs of slowing down. Attending the fair is a rite of passage - and a statewide tradition. The Arizona Giant Pumpkin Growers Association is proud to partner with the Arizona State Fair's Horticulture Committee to bring giant vegetables -- especially giant pumpkins -- to the fair.

Sea of Green has the oldest customer base in Arizona creating successful growers for over 22 years. Its staff is crafted to field the questions affiliated with the many facets to setup a successful grow. Their problem solving skills gives them the ability to create a cultivation facility no matter how small or large.

Sea Of Green promotes the education, experience, and the continued future of hydroponics, organic gardening, and various horticultural aspects for hobbyist and commercial growers.

Team‐Pumpkin strives to promote giant pumpkin growing and provides support for all new and experienced growers.  They are a great resource for growers wanting to research the science of giant pumpkin, and giant vegetable, growing. is an interactive web site for the giant pumpkin community.  They promote the hobby of giant pumpkin and giant squash growing by helping new comers get started.

The Giant Pumpkin Commonwealth cultivates the hobby of growing giant pumpkins throughout the world by establishing standards and regulations that ensure quality of fruit, fairness of competition, recognition of achievement, fellowship and education for all participating growers and weigh-off sites.

Whether you are growing giant watermelons with your grandkids, as a family hobby, or growing giant watermelons to break a record, the GWG Club would like you to join with us and help promote the art of growing giant watermelons.  The Club is an international group of gardeners from many areas of the United States, Canada, and other world regions who have the common interest of growing giant watermelons.

Wallace Organic Wonder offers the highest quality, environmentally friendly organic fertilizers, and the "freshest" mycorrhizal fungi for extreme growth, maximizing nutrient and water absorption producing stronger roots with more vigorous plants that produce earlier more abundant vegetables and brilliant flowers! 

IAS Labs is a locally owned laboratory which can analyze your soil, plants, water, fertilizers, and manure samples.

Western Laboratories, located in Idaho, has a long history of working with giant pumpkin growers.  They are a full service commercial laboratory for testing of soils, plants, nematodes, plant diseases,manures, feed and water.

Established in 1948, Southwestern Scale has been providing top-quality scale and weighing system services for all industrial applications. Firmly rooted in Arizona, they have recently branched out to encompass customers Nationwide.

University of California Integrated Pest Management Program provides great information regarding how to prevent and solve pest problems with the least unintended impacts on people and their surroundings.


Owned and operated by former Baker Nursery employees, which are eager to support the community with landscape and plant knowledge. They provide all the wonderful and different plant species you could previously find at Baker Nursery, plus they've added a few surprises.

The Co-op provides information relating to agriculture - and gardening - in Arizona.
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