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AZGPG Spring Giant Vegetable Championships
Saturday, May 12, 2018 at 9 am
The Arizona Giant Pumpkin Growers Association (AZGPG), and the Arizona State Fair, will hold their fourth annual Spring Giant Vegetable Championships on May 12, 2018, at 9 am, at Sea of Green, 1828 E University Dr, #11, Tempe, Arizona .  All giant vegetable growers are eligible for entry into the competition.  

This years event, hosted by Sea of Green, is sanctioned by Team-Pumpkin and will follow international competition rules to ensure fair and equal competition for all participating growers. Multiple entries may be entered by a grower, but only one prize, per class, will be awarded to an entrant.

The AZGPG Spring Vegetable Championships is considered an official Arizona State Fair event.  All entries will be judged and a picture of the vegetable on the scale, along with the AZGPG entry form, will be forwarded to the State Fair Horticulture Committee for consideration and awards. 

The AZGPG will award "Personal Best" and "State Record" ribbons during the Spring event.  Final placing, and prize money (if awarded) will be provided after the Fall Giant Vegetable Championships (Arizona State Fair) in October.

International rules require that each entry must be grown by the exhibitor.  Only the largest fruit or vegetable entered by the exhibitor is eligible for a prize. Other entries brought by the exhibitor will be considered as exhibition and will be officially weighed and exhibited, but will not be eligible for ribbons or awards.  All exhibits are welcome!

Pumpkins of all colors are eligible for competition. If, however, the entry is deemed to be 100% green/gray in color, the entry will be titled as a squash, and will be eligible for ribbons and awards as a squash.  (Both classes are based on weight).  In the event of a tie, any prize money for the placing(s) under it will be combined and split equally.

All entries (unless easily moved by two people) must be on a pallet to facilitate the unloading process.  All entries must be healthy and must be free of rot, holes/cracks that go through to the cavity, chemical or fungicide residue and serious soft spots.

No previously weighed fruit may be considered as competition.  All entries will be judged before being weighed in, and the judge's decision is final.

The entry fee is $25 per exhibitor.  (The fee is collected to offset the cost of maintaining, or renting, the equipment to move, or weigh, the vegetables).  The entry fee is waived for paid members of the Arizona Giant Pumpkin Growers Association (AZGPG).

For more information regarding the competition, please contact the AZGPG at its email address:  GrowEmBig@AZGPG.COM


Giant Vegetable Show Schedule in Arizona

The Arizona Giant Pumpkin Growers Association (AZGPG) encourages all gardeners/horticulturists to participate in their local fair.  By showing examples of the vegetables we're able to grow in Arizona, we can maybe encourage others to join us in our rewarding hobby.  It's important to understand how things to grow, and then, a person has the chance to do something fun -- like grow a giant pumpkin ... or tomato.

The AZGPG stands ready to assist any grower get their giant vegetable weighed and/or measured in accordance with the international rules.
Below are the dates (assuming they've been announced) for the various county fairs and the Arizona State Fair. 

The spring fairs don't seem to have any floriculture/horticulture/agriculture programs described in their literature.  The Verde Valley Fair, in Cottonwood, is the earliest fair that appears to have a department to serve Arizona's giant pumpkin, and vegetable, growers.  In order to serve Central Arizona growers, the AZGPG, hosted by Sea of Green, holds a Spring Giant Vegetable Championship as part of its partnership with the Arizona State Fair's Department of Floriculture/Horticulture.

The fall fairs, which serve Northern and Southern Arizona counties all have some type of horticulture program.  However, giant vegetable classes are not always available.  The AZGPG will be happy to work with all County Fair officials to ensure all growers have a place to show their giant vegetables.  The Arizona State Fair is the last fair of the season and the AZGPG will be at the fairgrounds hosting the Fall Giant Vegetable Championships.

Spring Fairs --
La Paz County  March 8-10, 2018
Pinal County Fair  March 21-25, 2018
Yuma County Fair
 April 3-8, 2018
 Maricopa County Fair
 April 11-15, 2018
 Pima County Fair
 April 19-29, 2018
 Verde Valley Fair
 May 2-6, 2018
      AZGPG Spring Giant Vegetable Championships
 May 12, 2018
 Fall Fairs --
 Coconino County Fair
 Aug 31 - Sept 3, 2018
 Apache County Fair
 September 6-9, 2018
 Yavapai County Fair
 September 6-9, 2018
 Northern Gila County Fair
 September 6-8, 2018
 Navajo County Fair
 September 12-16, 2018
 Greenlee County Fair
 September 12-16, 2018
 Mohave County Fair
 September 13-16, 2018
 Santa Cruz County Fair
 September 14-16, 2018
 Gila County Fair
 September 20-23, 2018
 Cochise County Fair
 September 27-30, 2018
 Graham County Fair
 October 4-7, 2018
 Arizona State Fair
     &    AZGPG Fall Giant Vegetable Championships

 October 5-28, 2018
      October 6, 2018

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