Arizona Giant Pumpkin Growers
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Competition Open Until October 30

     AZGPG 2020 SunStroke Giant Vegetable Weigh-Off Results

(as of 09/08/20)

Place Grower
City/Town Weight

Giant Pumpkin (Heavy)

1 Scott Culp
Sierra Vista 404.5
2 Gary Soutier
Phoenix 231.4
3 Rick Johnson
Paradise Valley 134.2
EXH Gary Soutier
Phoenix 98.0
EXH Rick Johnson
Paradise Valley 56.2
DMG Rick Johnson
Paradise Valley 52.7

Watermelon (Heavy)

1 Scott Culp
Sierra Vista 118.35
EXH Scott Culp
Sierra Vista 102.05

The SunStroke Virtual Weigh-Off is the Arizona Giant Pumpkin Growers Association (AZGPG) official weigh-off for 2020. The event will begin on Friday, May 15. The event will close at 5:00 PM (Arizona time) on Friday, October 30, 2020.

The SunStroke Virtual Weigh-Off will allow growers the chance to get their giant vegetables weighed, or measured, in accordance with International and Guinness World Record giant vegetable competition rules. The AZGPG will judge any vegetable presented by a grower. All Arizona entries, will be considered to help establish giant vegetable records in Arizona.

The growing season in Arizona has always been unpredictable -- especially with the early -- and long summers -- we've faced these past couple of years. The result is our spring crops matured early and our fall crops got late starts. These factors have made it difficult for growers to plan their season to have an entry for either the AZGPG Spring or Arizona State Fair's Fall Giant Vegetable Championships -- or even for the various County Fairs (all which seem to pick dates without consideration of when gardeners and professional growers would possibly have a matured plant to show).

The AZGPG wants to help gardeners/growers, in whatever way we can, to ensure they have the support needed to get their vegetables recognized. The SunStroke Virtual Weigh-Off gives gardeners some relief from Arizona's already limited vegetable show opportunities -- and is especially important in 2020 as local fairs are being cancelled.

"Many parts of the United States have multiple shows over multiple weekends for their gardeners." said Dean Baker, President of the AZGPG. "In order to fairly care for Arizona growers trying to compete in County Fair Horticulture Shows, or participate in the Giant Vegetable Championships, we've had to get creative -- and give more people the chance to succeed."

The AZGPG prides itself on its willingness to help growers get their vegetables weight, or measured, in accordance with International and Guinness World Record rules. The Association owns its own scales, which can be transported to where ever its needed to ensure every giant pumpkin, giant watermelon, or other giant vegetable is properly weighed or measured. "For the smaller vegetables, we often arrange, with a local grocery store, to meet the gardener and weigh their vegetable on the store's certified scale," said Baker.

A list of recognized World Records (and Arizona Records) for giant vegetables can be found on the AZGPG webpage at Giant Veg World Records.

To enter a giant vegetable in the competition, a grower needs to contact the AZGPG by email at GrowEmBig@AZGPG.COM to arrange a time and place to weigh the entry. An AZGPG representative will assist the grower weigh, or measure, their giant vegetable as required. The results will be recorded as part of the Sunstroke Virtual Weigh-Off and eligible for end-of-year awards.


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