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Big Orange Pumpkins Rule Event

A record number of entries showed up for the 2nd Annual AZGPG Spring Harvest Festival weigh-off; and the big orange ones carried the day.  Seven giant pumpkins were lifted on the scale - almost doubling last year's total.  David Smith, who admits he prefers orange pumpkins, to any other accepted color, was this years winner with a 420 pound pumpkin (grown from a selfed 1734.5 Clementz 2015.)  David also entered two other orange giants which were shown as exhibition pumpkins. 

This year's AZGPG Spring Harvest Festival held at Harper's Landscape & Gardening Centre in Scottsdale on May 28.
  The event was viewed by more than 50 people who came to Harper's to pick up supplies for their weekend project - and stayed to see the giant fruits hit the scale. Harper's has served the Scottsdale and East Valley community for three generations. The Harper's has sponsored the Spring Harvest Festival, for the past two years, as part of it's ongoing commitment to give back to the community, which has supported the family for three generations.

The Arizona Giant Pumpkin Growers (AZGPG) is an association of giant pumpkin, and giant vegetable, growers living in the Southwest Deserts. The AZGPG provides information, and support, to growers attempting to produce competitive plants in our harsh desert environment.

The weigh-off was sanctioned as an international weigh-off site by Team-Pumpkin, which is made up of hobbyist interested in providing assistance to growers nationally and internationally.

"All you need is good seed, good soil, good weather, and good luck."
     -- Gordon Thomson (Hemmingford, Quebec)

Volunteers Responsible for the Success of the Weigh-Off

Thank you to all the volunteer that helped load pumpkins on trailers and then move them to the scales at the AZGPG Spring Harvest Festival. Without their help the pumpkins would never have made it out the garden and onto the scale.

A large work crew showed up in the pumpkin patches on Friday afternoon to move the  pumpkins onto the trailer and to the staging area at Harper's Landscape & Garden Centre.  Volunteers were then called to work on Saturday morning when the tractor and harness setup wasn't working to everybody's satisfaction.

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We also want to thank the judges at this year's event. Bart Toftness flew in from Connecticut and was joined by AZGPG members Scott Culp and Wendy Woodward as the officials at the weigh-off. They checked for the soundness of the entries and took the official measurements of the pumpkins.

This was the AZGPG's second giant pumpkin weigh-off and there were a lot of moving parts related to the event.  The judges were responsible for inspecting the fruit to ensure they were whole and eligible for entry.  They also were responsible for obtaining the official measurements which were entered in the database.  The officials were required to ensure that there was a level playing field and all entries were treated fairly.  And finally, they were required to ensure the event was fun for all competitors and the community that attended the Festival.

To see more pictures from the AZGPG Spring Harvest Festival <Click Here>

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